Welcome Fire Dance Show

Welcome Fire Dance ShowUsually our costumers offer this fire show type in two case.

  1. When the inside fire dance show is not possible. This is the good situation for change the place of fire jugglers and put them front of entry door. It is the best if the fire actors do they show the opposite sides of the door.
  2. When the plan is this make a good sense in the arriving guests. They step in to the building with ‘I’m az important guest because of the welcome’.

So this fire dance production isn’t a choreographed performance. It is only a welcome gift for the first minutes of the event for your guests. It is same good if you give this awesome surprise around the smoking area.

firedance show order

Optional body painting on the fire artists (the price is include it)

  • Supple for the dresses
  • You can order any logo or theme
  • Costuming colours
  • Face and body painting