When you need the best fire show

Huge Fire Dance Show

If you need more information about the fire artist performances or you want to take an order, please contact us. According you are from media you can use these. Please, contact me for the best way to you.

firedance teamfire dance team

Fire dance show with extras

fire dancer bodypainting
fire performance beautiful art

Don’t need more than the show has. The fire machines and pyrotechnic are enought lift the fire dancers to the next level of show.

Details of the fire performance

Basic in the fire show

The lenght of the fire performance is 15 minutes.

We use in the show wore than 12 fire juggler tools

Coreograhpied fire performance by experinced fire artists.

The background sounds are mastered by Studio.

Special extras

More (optional) uniform on the fire dancers

+ Customised fire artist dresses (+fee)

huge fire dance show

Would you like a fire dance show like this?

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Body painting on the fire artists

  • Supple for the dresses
  • You can order any logo or theme
  • Costuming colours
  • Face and body painting
Hestia fire artist logo