Gerilla marketing (by fire dance)

Gerilla marketing by fire danceIt is a fire dance performance that not happens on an event or festival. This service is speak about the companies. They can use this fire artist service part of they marketing, for example when the hostesses dealing by flyers on the street.

The people like the fire dancers and they will stop to watch the show. It is the great time to give them the flyer. With this gerilla marketing your company will have more marketing reach. This service speaks about your brand.

The fire artists wear your wished dress and don’t forget the opportunities of body painting on the artists.

  • 2 fire dancer (1 woman, 1 man)
  • More than 15 type of firejuggler tools
  • Safety fire liquid
  • More (optinal) uniform on the fire dancers
    • + Customised fire artist dresses (+fee)

Optional body painting on the fire artists (the price is include it)

  • Supple for the dresses
  • You can order any logo or theme
  • Costuming colours
  • Face and body painting