Our fire performance list

Fire dance shows

Please look at the fire artist shows below. Enjoy what you see, feel what you need!

The fire brings the show

Our fire dance services

Nothing is more interested like the dance of flames. Thought we able to give coreography, fire artists and some music in a fire show.

Pro fire artists

Wonderful flames

Látványos külső

12 min.

Choreographed fire performance

2 fire artists (1 female, 1 male)

15 min.

Lycopodium (magic dust)

Stage fireworks

60-120-180 min.

Welcome show next to the gateway

Not coreographied fire performance

15 min.

More than 10 firejuggler tools

More (optional) uniform on the fire dancers


60-120-180 min.

Fire show is an extra visual effect

Dancing to the music of the event

60-120-180 min.

It is the great time to promote your brand on the streets

Flash mob for your product

firedance teamfire dance team

Our life in the fire

fire dancer bodypainting
fire performance beautiful art

The philosohpy behind our fire performance is the culture injection in every events. This insubstantial world that called fire art takes the audience to palace of emotions.